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By Michaela Ritchie

Essences & Elixirs

Discover my line of aromatherapy blends and natural perfumes. These blends have been carefully created with the highest quality ingredients and are hand made with love. 

I have spent the last several years creating and perfecting the products I offer so that they offer the best possible experience.


My goal: to create an incredible olfactory experience that uplifts the soul, clears the mind and settles the emotions. Each of these blends has a story and it's own unique personality and qualities, but they can all be used just for fun if you like the smell. 

Align with the Elements of Nature

This series of 4 energetic essences were truly a labour of love. A blend of pure essential oils and jojoba oil, they are the product of the union of my love of energetic aromatherapy, alchemy and nature combined with the deep understanding that each of the elements help us to embody qualities that empower us on our journey of self-transformation and personal evolution.


Michaela Ritchie

My own journey of healing led me down the path of holistic health and well-being. Since 2012 I have been studying a variety of techniques and philosophies that I use in my private practice with my clients to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.


My practice is constantly evolving and growing with me as the years progress and I continue to this day to study and grow to offer the very best I can.

I have been seeing clients professionally since 2017 as a naturotherapist and offer private consults that combine energy healing, herbalism, aromatherapy, alchemy, ayurveda, emotional support and more. 



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