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One 5ml roll-on bottle each of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

This series of 4 energetic essences were truly a labour of love. A blend of pure essential oils and jojoba oil, they are the product of the union of my love of energetic aromatherapy, alchemy and nature combined with the deep understanding that each of the elements help us to embody qualities that empower us on our journey of self-transformation and personal evolution.

I created them over a 4 month period while I was teaching a series of workshops on the 4 elements of alchemy. Each month, I dove into the one of the elements to understand it on the deepest level with all of its intricacies and better understand what I consider to be the building blocks of our world. These blends help us to connect deeply to the elements within us, understand how to balance them and guide us through a deep transformational experience. 


Earth: This rich, woody blend is deeply grounding. It offers us stability, security and a sense of calm determination. The Earth element is what connects us with our roots, our physical being, and the physical world around us. It offers the building blocks that are the foundation of our incarnation. Encourages us to see the light in all matter, to take care of our living space and our physical needs, as well as maintain and organize our material possessions. Ingredients: Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of red pine, vetiver, sandalwood, ginger, patchouli, tulsi, cistus and angelica.


Water: This beautiful, flowy, floral blend has a soft, envelopping quality to it, while being almost intoxicating. the Water element teach us about going with the flow, letting go, accepting and working with our emotions and feelings. It helps us connect with our intuition and creativity, our feminine side and is incredible for dream work. Ingredients: Jojoba oil, and pure essential oils of mandarin, geranium, ylang-ylang, tamarack larch, orange blossom, myrrh, benzoin, rose, yarrow, clary sage, jasmin, and blue lotus. 


Air: This light, herbal blend is soft and delicate. It brings clarity, strenghthens expression and communication, while supporting breath work and our nervous system. Ingredients: jojoba oil and pure essential oils of bleu spruce, frankincense, fragonia, lavender, white pine, rosemary ct verbenone, sandalwood, goldenrod, palo santo, and laurel leaf.


Fire: This essence is light, delicatly sweet and subtly spicy. The fire element is what lights us up, what animates us. Without this element their would be no life. It feeds our passion, our motivation, our sense of purpose. It makes us glow from the inside and allows us to radiate our unique essence. Ingredients: Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of orange, rosemary ct verbenone, ginger, holy basil, lemon, black spruce, laurel leaf, cardamom, kunzea, basil, frankincense.

4 Elements

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