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Finding energetic aromatherapy

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I was 18 years old when I discovered the power of essential oils. I was really struggling at that point in my life, both with my mental and physical health. My search for something that would help heal my physical ailments led me to a health food store where I stood waiting to be helped in front of a display of essential oils.

I picked one up without really looking and smelled it, trying to distract myself from the overstimulation of being in a busy store and the pain I was currently feeling. It was like an out of body experience, the background noise faded, my anxiety calmed and my pain faded to a tolerable level. After a few moments, I looked at the label. Orange blossom. I smelled another that made me fell safe, calm and seemed to ground me in my body. Sandalwood. A third that had me feeling uplifted and hopeful for the first time in months. Bergamot. This is the moment that changed my life. In those few minutes I went from believing I would never heal, that I would always be in pain, to finding some hope.

That day, I decided to purchase a few essential oils, without really knowing anything about them, only that I wanted to bring them home with me. They felt like supportive new friends with whom I wanted to spend some more time. Although I still had a long journey of healing using many different techniques over the years to finally feel solid both physically and energetically, this was the first step that led me to understand the mind, body, soul connection and one of my favourite discoveries.

That moment changed my life. I began studying and using essential oils to help with my health issues, to make my own perfume, to soften my emotions. Some of my colleagues at the time began noticing that my emotional state changed depending on the scent I was wearing. One helped calm my anxiety, another helped me focus and gave me extra energy, another strengthened my intuition. I soon found myself waking up, excited to choose my perfume for the day.

I went on to work in a local essential oils company where I learned about quality control, the ins and outs of the industry, and deepened my knowledge of blending and healing with essential oils. I even learned how to distill essential oils.

Over the years I have studied aromatherapy and have taken a special interest in using essential oils specifically for emotional support, healing trauma and deepening my spiritual connection. My favourite essential oils became like close friends that I could call upon when I felt I needed some support. My understanding of essential oils deepened as I began studying energy healing and alchemy, and to this day, I use essential oils to help me manage my emotions as well as using them with clients in my practice as a Naturotherapist.

I could talk about hundreds of experiences I have had or have witnessed since that moment that have confirmed for me what an incredible tool essential oils can be, but that first experience is the true beginning of my journey to making the products I sell today, and it took place years before I began formally studying essential oils or working in the industry.

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